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Below are critical reviews and news stories featuring Marcela and her productions.

Director Lorca, best known for her years of work at the Guthrie, employs a deep bag of tricks in staging the show, showing us the many strings that connect all these characters, while backdrop videos help to set the cultural and political stage.

The House of the Spirits, The City Pages, October 27, 2010

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A good script alone, however, does not a good performance make. Director Marcela Lorca brings this beautifully arresting play to life, and makes it move. It’s no surprise that Lorca often serves as the Gurthrie’s movement coach.

The Burial at Thebes, Aisle Say Twin Cities, October 17, 2012

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Lorca leaped at the chance to direct The Clean House at Juilliard. “It combined so many things I love. I wanted to direct a comedy because I’ve directed my share of tragedies lately,” she told The Journal. “It’s got great female roles. And it addressed the issue of cultures and encounters between cultures, and I […]

4th-Year Drama’s Clean House, The Juilliard Journal, December 5, 2012

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Akhtar provides no easy answers in Disgraced, but raises provocative questions and issues that deserve attention, and cannot be resolved by changing immigration policies, requiring special identification, or building walls.

What a Difference a Few Years Make, Broad Street View, October 17, 2016

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Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation (SDCF), the not-for-profit foundation affiliated with Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC), has chosen Ten Thousand Things Artistic Director Marcela Lorca for its prestigious 2019 Zelda Fichandler Award.

Marcela Lorca Receives Prestigious Zelda Fichandler Award, Ten Thousand Things, October 10, 2019

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