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Below are critical reviews and news stories featuring Marcela and her productions.

Given that SDCF is the Directors and Choreographers Foundation, honoring Marcela Lorca, who creates work in both disciplines (often at the same time), feels like a perfect fit. Moreover, Marcela’s nearly three-decade commitment to the Twin Cities as an educator, artist, and leader who has consistently opened doors to a broad range of artists and […]

Marcela Lorca Named 2019 Zelda Fichandler Award, American Theatre, October 15, 2019

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These artists have created the toe-tappingest, wonderfulest show in town. Anyone who can watch Thunder Knocking On The Door without a permanent grin on their face amazes me. Rambo, Oglesby & Co., along with Moore and Deevo, and with Lorca’s intelligent direction, sing and play their hearts out and they will send you over the […]

Review: Thunder Knocking On The Door: can theater be more enjoyable?, HowWasTheShow?, March 8, 2020

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Director Marcela Lorca has teamed with an extraordinary cast to craft a staging that still has me combing my memory for the last Shakespeare production I’d seen that succeeded so sublimely… Director Lorca’s skills shine through in this expertly shaped production, demonstrating why the Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation recently gave her its annual Zelda […]

Review: Ten Thousand Things’ ‘Winter’s Tale’ is Shakespeare expertly served,, October 12, 2019

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Under Marcela Lorca’s confident direction, “Sor Juana” shifts nimbly between drama and comedy, between English and Spanish, between reality and magic and even between time frames — sometimes actors in mid-costume change suggest ways in which two time frames inform each other. It’s a sad story, to be sure, but this fluid production insists that […]

Review: Ten Thousand Things stages powerful play on 17th-century poet punished for her ‘curiosity’, Star Tribune, May 17, 2019

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Noted director Marcela Lorca, who has helmed the training program since Washington’s death in Nov. 2014, directs “Incurable” with lyricism and humor. The performances are funny, in-the-moment and well-timed. The script, which has many contemporary touches, includes an angel on rollerblades (Aishling Pembroke).

Guthrie’s grad student production is polished and lyrical, Star Tribune, July 28, 2017

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