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COVID has made theatrical expression difficult, nearly impossible. In order to continue providing a venue for community expression, Marcela has had to think outside of the box.

Right now, COVID is giving us absolute parameters of what closeness means, what air exchange means, how many days you can be exposed until you get sick. Even if we don’t know everything, we know that much. Within those parameters, as artists we can still do a lot. We may have to change how we do things, but we have a lot of tools at our disposal that allow us to keep creating.

From MinnPost Interview, July 2020

To “keep creating”, Marcela has spearheaded video projects that connect the community in ways that speak to the core values of Ten Thousand Things.

Let’s Sing

First Episode of “Let’s Sing!”

The first iteration of videos are songs performed by local artists. This “virtual cabaret” was then shared in senior communities, correctional facilities, and published for the general public as well.

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See the rest of the videos on YouTube

Ten Thousand Voices

In a return to the core mission of bringing the arts to communities that don’t usually have access, Marcela flipped the model on its head. As visiting correctional facilities and senior communities is not currently possible, what if their stories were told in a new way? This was the idea that sparked Ten Thousand Voices, in which local actors narrate stories from those people whom are most isolated, and who’s voice is least heard during these times.

Read more about it on Ten Thousand Things

Ten Thousand Voices on YouTube, Corrections

Ten Thousand Voices on YouTube, Seniors

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