Time Stands Still

By Donald Margulies
Directed by Joe Dowling
Movement Direction by Marcela Lorca
McGuire Proscenium Stage, Guthrie Theater, MN

Every detail, from Walt Spangler’s immaculately designed stage to Marcela Lorca’s impressive movement coaching, is precise, making the play deeply personal and real—more an extension of life than a fictional situation.
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From Pulitzer Prize-winner Donald Margulies comes a moving and often hilarious story of relationships, mid-life crisis and the ties of friendship. After barely surviving a bomb blast in Iraq, photojournalist Sarah Goodwin finds herself caught in a tug-of-war between her exhilarating career and the contentment of family life. Returning home into the care of her long-time lover James, Sarah’s caught off guard by his desire for family and by the simple domestic life pursued by Richard, her editor, and his much younger girlfriend Mandy.

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