House of the Spirits


Written by Caridad Svich based on the novel by Isabel Allende
Director: Marcela Lorca
Original Music: Victor Zupanc
Sound Designer: Victor Zupanc
Scenic Designer: Tom Barrett
Properties: Tom Barrett
Costume Designer: Cana Potter
Lighting Designer: Karin Olson
Media Designer: Miko Simmons
Cast: Christina Acosta Robinson, Amaya Alonso Hallifax, Cristina Castro, Hazel Cutting, Charity Jones, Nora Montanez, Isabelle Ortega, Raul Ramos, Jason Rojas, Dario Tangelson, Scarlett Thompson, Ricardo Vazquez
Mixed Blood Theater, MN

It was a production so fluid and graceful in rendering its ugliness that we willingly invested ourselves in their lives. As in Allende’s book, we were compelled to continue, for if there’s to be the reward of love at the end for someone as wretched as Esteban, then surely there is hope for us all.
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The often unjust politics of Latin America play out through three generations of the Trueba family in Caridad Svich’s adaptation of the epic, witty, and unforgettable novel by Isabel Allende. Marcela Lorca (Caroline, or Change, Guthrie Theater) directs a bilingual cast of ten in this song-filled theatrical feast, performed in Spanish and English (accessible to all via projected translations).


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