The Secret Fall of Constance Wilde

By Thomas Kilroy
Director: Marcela Lorca
Set Design: Anthony Fanning
Costume Design: Paul Tazewell
Lighting Design: Jane Cox
Music Director: Andrew Cooke
Sound Design: Scott E Edwards
Dramaturgy: Michael Lupu
Voice and Dialect: Elisa Carlson
Stage Manager: Martha Kulig
Musicians: Andrew Cooke, Diane Tremaine
Cast: Sarah Agnew, Lauren Asheim, Dieter Bierbrauer, Tyson Forbes, Matthew Greer, Elizabeth Grullon, Brandon Weinbrenner
Guthrie Theater, MN

Playwright Oscar Wilde holds a place in literature as an important voice that was prominent, prolific and controversial. With The Secret Fall of Constance Wilde, Irish playwright Thomas Kilroy exposes the private life between Oscar and his wife Constance. Set in a magical world that shifts in time, place, and perspective, this revealing play brings to light the wife few knew existed, bringing humanity to a woman searching for honor, truth and the peace that closure brings.

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