Blood Wedding

By Federico Garcia Lorca
Director: Marcela Lorca
Set Designer: Christine Jones
Costume Designer: Paul Tazewell
Lighting Designer: Jeff Bartlett
Flamenco ComposerĀ and Musical Director: Pedro Cortes
Composer and Musical Director: Victor Zupanc
Sound Designer: Scott W. Edwards
Dramaturg: Michael Lupu
Flamenco Choreographer: Susana di Palma
Vocal Coach: Mira Kehoe
Stage Manager: Martha Kulig
Assistant Director: Christopher Hibma
Cast: Morena Baccarin, Nadia Bowers, Joey Babay, Drew Cortese, Rene Millan, Susana di Palma, Veronica Alvarado, Brenda Thomas, Marquetta Senters, Elizabeth Peterson, Maria Elena Ramirez, Richard Ooms, Rachel Leslie, Jada D. Odom, Gavin Lawrence, Marcus Quinones
Guthrie Lab, Minneapolis, MN

Director Marcela Lorca has achieved a silken synthesis in her staging of Federico Garcia Lorca’s folk tragedy, yoking the primal and the prophetic as she presents visual, aural and kinetic languages that perfectly suit this drama… -Star Tribune

What director Lorca has achieved is potent and poetic. She cross-engages the senses with masterful dexterity, so the accomplished cast members sing with their feet and talk with their bodies…

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